Are you struggling with facebook engagement? Here are five easy tips to help bump up that interaction!

Tips for more facebook engagement

Image credit: Sean MacEntee via Creative Commons

Five Tips For More Facebook Engagement

1. Post photos: People are visual, and facebook is a visual social media network. Adding photos to your status updates increases the chance someone will want to leave a comment for you.

2. Ask a question: Ask your followers a quick question with your photo. It’s easy to fill in the blank or answer A, B, or C!

3. Invite self-promotion: Ask your followers to share their business websites. It’s a quick way to get to know your community!

4. Introduce yourself: Take a post or two to tell your followers a little about you. They’ll appreciate connecting with a real person and not just a profile photo.

5. Be consistent: Post, post, post. If you drop off for a week or two, it’s tough to regain that momentum. Make sure to post a minimum of three times a week.

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Five Tips for more facebook engagement




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