How To Engage Using Facebook As Your Business Page

Does your facebook business page struggle with engagement? Would you like some more interaction with your customers and clients?

There’s an easy answer – engage using facebook as your business.

Facebook calls this changing your “voice.” You can change your voice by clicking the down arrow found on the top right side of the facebook toolbar:

engage using facebook as your business

Choose your business page and then click on the top left of your toolbar where it says “facebook:”

engage using facebook as your business

This will bring you to your business’ facebook wall.

Scroll down and look at the status updates as you would on your personal facebook account, and remember that when you “like” or comment on a post, your business page avatar will show up.

Think about the local businesses that you frequent, and those that you work closely with. Find those places on facebook and “like” them. Using facebook as your business to comment and engage with others will help to build a strong community around your brand.

I’ve been known to set a reminder in my phone or jot a note in my calendar to check business facebook pages.

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