After working with companies during the three conferences I have attended in the last few years, I’d like to save you from reinventing the wheel and share my conference sponsorship template with you.

When thinking about conference sponsorship, look around you – right now. What’s sitting next to you? What products have you recently purchased and loved? What’s something that you use every day?

Companies that you have existing relationships with are the ones that you want to approach for conference sponsorships. Tell them how much you love their product and how long you have been using it for. Give them a story to relate to you as a person and not just another email address.

When approaching a business, think about what you can give them that no other blogger can. How can you represent them uniquely? Who will you present them to (what’s the conference demographic)? Asking to add their logo to your business card may not be enough to get you a full sponsorship – you have to be creative.

I’d love for you to use this conference sponsorship template for your next conference sponsorship opportunity. All I ask is that you share my name when sharing the template with your fellow bloggers 🙂

conference sponsorship template for bloggers

Good luck with your sponsorships!

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